A new diagnosis

Bonnie McCrossan

(TW – depression/suicide)

I’ve never really been conscious of thinking of suicide and by that, I mean that I thought that I thought I didn’t think about it. However now, looking back, I can see the very obvious signs of suicide and self harm, it just wasn’t apparent to me. I have, however, never been able to imagine my future. Whether it was in a career, relationship, house, it was just always blank. Not even the same as it is now. Blank. There was nothing in my future. There was nothing in my future because as I have recently discovered there was – is – nothing in my past.

I’ve always been a hardcore under achiever. I’m so good at failing things. I would have several degrees if it were a possible career path. Unfortunately, it’s not, you actually have to do things in this world which is a good…

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