Autism in Jurassic World

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When I wrote my review on Jurassic World, I deliberately left out one important factor in my viewing experience. While I enjoyed the dinosaurs and the running and the occasional jumpscare, I was distracted throughout the movie by one thought sitting in the back of my mind: when are they going to say that the kid’s autistic?

If you’re not a person who keeps an eye out for these types of things, you may not have noticed the multitude of autistic traits that Gray, played by Ty Simpkins, displays. But as someone who feels very invested in seeing better representation of all types in our media, I was on the edge of my seat. From the first establishing shot of Gray’s room, as the camera pans along his wall of dinosaurs, I had my fingers crossed, chanting “Autistic, autistic, autistic” silently in my head. No exaggeration.

And for a…

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