Begin at the beginning?

Scared Sick

Studies suggest that one in every ten people suffer some type of health anxiety. I am one of those 1-in-10. My name is Kayla. I am 26, and I am scared sick.

I’m honestly not sure how my health anxiety escalated, but I know when it started. It started at birth. I’ve always been afraid of doctors. When I was small, even before school age, I would cry if I thought I was sick and had to go. I remember lying once to my mother about a pain I had because admitting I had it meant a trip to the doctor. I was less than 3 years old.

I was 14 when the tokophobia (fear of pregnancy) started, but I’m not quite ready to delve into that yet.  Since the age of 16 I avoided doctors like they carried the plauge I was trying so desperately to avoid. I refused…

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