Bipolar Disorder And Sleep

The not-so secret life of a manic depressant.

Sleep is the most important thing to me; and with good reason.

When you have Bipolar Disorder, good circadian rhythms (particularly with sleep) are incredibly crucial to your mental health.

Without an adequate amount of sleep, which varies between patient, you can experience mood swings resulting in episodes – manic or depressive.

Personally, when I don’t get enough sleep, I become hypomanic. I get very hyped up all day, even though I’m exhausted. I get splitting headaches that I often get when in a hypomanic or manic state. I eventually burn out; and in this time I become rather filled with rage and irritable – yet another symptom of my mania.

Being hypomanic is dangerous for me because it keeps me up further, which messes with my circadian sleep rhythm, hence, causing further discomfort inside my mind and body.

I am currently experiencing this exact issue, as I had half…

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