Chapter 1: Lyric

Dopamine Dreams

Lyric was a beautiful mess. At least that’s what her artsy friends would always say. She kicked the dirt as she walked towards the Art Institute’s campus. It was a secondary school; one her teachers implored her mother to send her to. “It’d be good for her” they said. “She can release some of that pent up energy” they said. Her mother, fearful, and at a loss about how to handle her daughter’s enveloping darkness; agreed.

She remembered the thick packet and brochure with it’s menagerie of colorful ethnicities on the cover. The token White, the token Black, the token Asian, and the token nondescript middle eastern student smiling on the lawn of a sprawling campus. Her mother was impressed, but Lyric, Lyric was not. She tucked one of her dreads back into the massive pile of hair that sat atop her head in a messy bun. Her mother hated…

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