Day #292 – VBS

366 Days of Autism

VBS or Vacation Bible School was yesterday.  For the second year in a row Tucker was a helper – this year in the kitchen and he had a GREAT time.

This post is really about two things related to VBS.  One, what happens when we advocate and share and tell others.  Two, how VBS can be made ‘better’ for children on the spectrum.

First – what happens when we advocate, share, and tell others about what autism is.  Tucker was able to work with a wonderful woman named, Micki.  She knows Tucker – she has two grown sons of her own which by my standards, make her a bit of an expert in raising boys.  She would say she’s not – but her boys…er…men…are kind, responsible, giving, and compassionate. She raised ‘good men,’  so I believe she knows a little something about teenage boys.

She was amazing.  Yes, because that…

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