Exercise your Emotions

rebound health

Anxiety and depression are complicated. Often they are multi-factorial, and as such, ones rehabilitation will and should utilise the expertise of a team of professionals. At Rebound Health we believe that exercise should form part of that plan. Here are 6 ways in which exercise can help the mental health of the youth.

  1. Exercise gives a natural boost in energy, helping to fight tiredness and fatigue, by stimulating the body
  2. Exercise is social! Go for a walk or exercise at the gym with a friend! This will eliminate that sense of loneliness, and provide a fun and productive time, enhancing our youths social well-being
  3. Exercise gives a sense of achievement; it provides purpose and fulfilment as you are achieving goals. This helps to raise self-efficacy, and eliminate a sense of haplessness
  4. Exercise releases the chemical endorphins which facilitate a strong positive mood, a counteract for depression or anxiety
  5. Exercise fights…

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