I Will Beat Depression


I’m not very good at writing my feelings down but I have battled this for long enough on my own and now is the time to conquer it.

Facts about me:

  • I’m 18 years old
  • I live with my Mum
  • I have a horse named Happy, I know ironic!
  • We live in a little country village

All this started 4 years ago when my Dad died very suddenly, for the first 8 months I looked after my Mum and pushed my feelings to one side. Eventually I found things harder and harder, my attendance at school plummeted, I barely slept and when I did I would cry myself to sleep, I piled on weight like there was no tomorrow and became more and more unhappy.

Due to my change in behaviour and unpleasant thoughts Mum took me to the doctors who refered me to a psychiatrist which to be honest…

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