In the Quiet Room: How William taught me to be present

The Least of These


A few months ago, we went to a super fun birthday party for a friend of ours who turned 6.

It was a house full of a ton of friends, delicious food, and wonderful toys for imaginative play. So, I feel like an idiot saying it, but it looked like fun to me–I never thought that William would get overwhelmed to the point of tears.

But he did. I was talking with a group of ladies and munching a sandwich, and next thing I knew, there was William standing behind me, biting his thumbnail and looking downward, with tears rolling down his cheeks. No sound.

I instinctively set my plate down and scurried him upstairs immediately. “I’m so sorry, buddy,” I kept saying all the way up the stairs. I should’ve known. Why did I not think of this? Was I so involved in my own social life that I couldn’t spare…

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