Know your Worth.

one blunt woman

This blog is going back to my past. I’m taking you to an extremely personal & difficult time in my life. For a gal turning 17 years old at the time, I thought I knew it all. Little did this careless, free spirited, pain in the ass, know what the next 3 years had in store. Given a long, terrifying & hard fight, it made me the loving wife & mother, I am today. The only advice I have for anyone being mentally, physically & emotionally abused, YOU ALWAYS HAVE TIME TO LEAVE. Always.

I remember meeting Zeke for the first time. He was loud, crazy, drank beer & liked to party. All which I liked to do too. He seemed funny, looked alright, but his tough personality drew me to him. I became attracted to him almost instantly. After we hung out several times, we began to date…

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