my good luck charm

Dac's Mommy

Dac has had thousands of seizures

in her life.

They started as Infantile spasms,

morphed into tonic clonics, she

has endured atonic drop attacks and now has

both absence and grandmals.

It’s hard when your world revolves around

seizure medications, helmets, safe beds, monitors,

service dogs and rescue meds.

Dac’s seizures are now pretty well controlled.

1 a month, 2 at best.

Is that great control? Some ask.

It is for an adult that use to have more than a

hundred a day and suffered permanent brain damage

because of them.

A hundred a day? You ask doubtfully.

Yes. unfortunately dac has Lennox Gastaut

Epilepsy (intractable epilepsy) along with Tuberous Sclerosis

and Autism. She can go into

a status seizure at any time. Her longest seizure

was when she was 13 and it lasted three hours.

I would have never believed anyone could survive

a seizure for that long but she did.


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