If one was to look up the word “abuse” in a dictionary, it says “treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. 

Domestic abuse or “home violence” is an issue effecting thousands of women in Pakistan and yet whenever a victim or an activist decides to raise voice against it, they are faced with ridiculously idiotic statements from people, even their own families. For example: “mard hai, ghussa a jata hai. Haath utha diya tou kia hua, ainda tum dheyan rakhna”, “aise kon karsakta hai ke bewaja galiyan de, haath uthaye, kuch na kuch tou kiya hoga tumne jis se is inteha tak baat pohanchi”, and “mard ka ghussa tez hota hai, ghar bachana aurat ka kaam hai is liye bilkul chup raho.” These are only some of the many statements most “ghar wale” throw around to justify this odious habit of the beasts they have raised in their homes.


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