Razors vs. Paintbrushes


Our main demon in mental illness goes without saying; it is our mind.

Our mind is extremely dangerous when it thinks.

Usually when you’re mentally unwell, you tend to think solely about the negatives in life and it is with this thinking that we tend to make dangerous, irrational decisions.

It is when we are thinking, that, for example, we self harm.

We think of something truly distressing and then put all our energy, all our mind, in to self harming.

It releases our stress. It releases our worry. Most of all, it releases our frustration.

I understand why you self harm. I feel your suffering. I too, have self harmed in the past and I won’t be surprised if I do in the future.

You think and you worry and you become distressed and then to release all that hurt and frustration; you have to put all your focus…

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