So today was hard.


Today I pushed myself with carbs, And it sucked majorly but it needed to happen. I need to stop being afraid of food. I need to stop thinking that I’m instantly going to gain weight just by looking at food.

So far and I am pretty proud. Proud not ashamed of my intake! Wow! I never thought I’d ever use that word to describe anything I do.

Right back to my intake

A fairly low-calorie but filling tuna salad with raw red cabbage and carrots, With this I challenged myself to two Yes TWO slices of wholemeal bread.

An apple and a nectarine.

A scary amount of sparkling water. Kicking the diet coke/caffeine addiction is hellish!

And last but not least a mozzarella and italian ham calzone. Terrifying but delicious. So in all that’s a huge scary food challenge right there but I did it! and I’m still breathing. I’m…

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