Temptations Are Cruel…..

Anxiety, Alcohol, Depression.....

When I talk to most people about trying to understand being an addict, I try to find the words but it really wasn’t until today when I was out grabbing tea that it completely started to become clear.

Simply by leaving the house, my mind was racing…I have been sober again now for a few days….this is normally when I start to get fairly twitchy! No real trigger as such which I have been told to look for, but I genuinely think that once something becomes so engrained it becomes much more than just a trigger….I don’t think people need a trigger to eat dinner anymore do they? I know as much of this is a ridiculous comparison to make, in the mind of an abuser this is quite normal.

As my heart races and my train of thought constantly runs back and forth in my head thinking can I just have…

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