The Blood Draw


With the medications Theodore is on to regulate his moods, and to help with sleep, we need an occasional blood draw.

Today was the day.

I made the appointment last week to go to Oneida Healthcare. It’s where we went last time with little fuss (and it was where I heard Theodore say NO repeatedly, and quite correctly, to the lab tech who had the unfortunate task of helping me hold The Boss down for the draw).

While it did take some shuffling back and forth when I scheduled the visit last week, including a plea to pre-register for routine blood work it was SO worth it.

The morning covered in mist from an unusual late June soaking meant, of course, that Theo slept in. I had to wake him up at 7:30 and not missing a beat got him his meds, got him downstairs, dressed, and out the door while the girls…

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