What I Want….

Merry Elyse

Quite often we’re scared to say what we want because we’re seen as being shallow, spoiled, materialistic, or demanding. We’re told to focus on what we need, which is a fair point. We do have to take care of needs, over our wants. In most cases. For example we need food, shelter, water, clothes etc. Necessities so we can continue to live.

However, we’re designed to want as well as to have needs.Why do those wants have to by hidden? Why are we ashamed to want? A lot of us tend to sacrifice our wants a lot of the time. If you’re anything like me, you end up feeling disappointed. For me, this is my life. Everyday. I live in disappointment, for various reasons. Recently, I find myself wanting. Wanting many different things, and I see everyone around me getting these things and it makes me really upset, and angry…

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