Wonder, Not Worry

Pittsburgh Psychotherapy Associates (PghPsych)

by Christy Gualtieri


For folks who suffer from worry and anxiety, waking up every day can be a very hard thing to do.  Their bodies might be sore from grinding their teeth while they sleep, or with back pain from tossing and turning all night.  Instead of looking forward to the day’s events, they might dread the day ahead, trying to look for possible “problems” that might arise in their schedule.

“Great – it’s raining out.  There goes my easy commute; everyone drives so much slower when it’s raining.”

“Another meeting with Susan – she’ll probably think my project idea is another dud.”

“I hope the baby naps again today; it’s the third day in a row that she hasn’t, and if she doesn’t I’m going to lose my mind.”

It’s exhausting to think this way – to seek out the bad things before the good things – but for…

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